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Al Nour School:

In line with our other projects in relieving people in Syria , we work hardly towards educating kids and teaching them properly in an ideal environment so they could grow up and share us the message. By sponsoring a teacher you could be the reason for bringing some kids from ignorance to knowledge and by sponsoring a child to be educated you will prepare the ground for a new human being to be made. And consequently you will be considered like who gave life to a soul and Allah pleasure you will get. Education for children not to be considered less important than food and health, from this point of view NASF working hardly to sponsor Teachers and students at Al Nour Schools inside Syria . Priority for enrolling at these schools to be given to orphans and most needy children. So that we could enable those generation and provide an access for them to learn in an Ideal environment. By supporting NASF in this project you are bringing souls to life by providing Ilm and knowledge.