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Orphans Sponsorship:

In Islam orphans sponsorship is worship and a noble job has been known by every religion on the earth. In the Holy Quran Almighty Allah ordered us not to neglect the orphans or mis deal with them but to look after them and care about them. Our Lovely prophet peace be upon him promised the orphan sponsors by being with him the paradise. All of this give us a strong motivation to help, care and sponsor orphans around the world. Our duty in NASF to help sponsoring a hundreds of orphans who had been left without any sponsorship from anybody or organizations in Syria regardless the religion, ethnicity, political view or belongings. Our job only a pure humanitarian task as we consider orphans are orphans regardless where they are or who they are. The big number of orphans in Syria waiting for you to be adopted and sponsored. Those little children can’t be left alone regardless who they are and where they are. By donating £30/M you will bring one soul to life or to the basic level of life. Those orphaned will need clothes, food and other expenses regularly so please try to share your kids with orphans by sponsoring a child or more so that you get your kids blessed by Almighty Allah (S.W.T).