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In light of the instability and difficult living conditions in Syria, especially for the IDP’s (internally displaced people) a humanitarian imbalance arose that led to disastrous results at all levels, especially for orphan children, widows, the elderly, etc. This resulted in interventions from the civil organizations in the form of relief (food, medicine and tents) that were not sustainable, which reduced their capability at improving the condition of the IDP’s. Based on this vision, the Nour Al-Sham Foundation in Britain, in cooperation with the Syrian, Arab & British community of all sects in Britain and Europe, decided to launch a project of sustainable housing in the form of a permanent waqf (endowment) for the benefit of displaced families until they are able to return to their homes and respective homes in Syria.

Estimated project cost: 

1,000,000 pounds divided into 50 weeks (a year) = 20,000 per week 20,000 per week divided into 10,000 members = 2 pounds per member / week. (The share of the member is 100 pounds to God Almighty endowment within a year and the result ……. 200 families are accommodated and moved from unfortunate tents to warmth and health care, especially children, women and the elderly, and this is only within a year .. so does it matter to you, my brother & sisters, to be the reason for your happiness and the happiness of others?


There are near and far goals for the project so that they integrate with each other and advance the community as a whole forward, and the project – as an endowment – will take the lead with others in pushing the wheel of stability and progress in society and creating the opportunity for displaced families to live decent lives.  

Immediate objectives:

  • Meet the urgent and acute need of some of the displaced families to obtain suitable housing.
  • Helping orphan children, widowed women and the elderly obtain psychological, social and living stability.
  • Creating the opportunity for orphan children to complete their studies by providing appropriate conditions for this and preventing them from working at an early age at the expense of learning.
  • Creating small projects (agricultural and industrial) for families to guarantee social sufficiency for them.
  • Securing the equivalent of 100 job opportunities (during the project’s establishment period), and the equivalent of 10 job opportunities after the completion of the project.
  • Increasing the size of the endowment steadily through the rent (rent) paid by the residents (the institution pays for orphans, widows and needy people through zakat in favor of the endowment).

Long term objectives:

  1. Create a state of social stability in a group of people in the long run.
  2. Helping these people obtain endowment housing as long as they need it and solving their housing problem in the long run.
  3. Helping the donors get the opportunity to present an endowment to God Almighty (ongoing charity) calculated for them and their fathers and mothers until the Day of Resurrection and in their bank of deeds.
  4. Helping to own or rent endowment housing for long years term in the future gradually, using the housing association method in Europe.
  5. Using the proceeds of these endowments (if some families are able to pay a symbolic rent for the endowment) in building other endowments, and so on.
  6. Transforming and transferring these endowments in the future (in the event that people return to their homes) to charitable complexes, schools, hospitals and endowment universities for donors whose reward will be until Judgment Day.
  7. Finally, using the endowment as a means of developing and prospering a society and helping the needy in it so that we reach a society that does not suffer from a housing crisis in the long term.

Project capital:

About 1,000,000 pounds sterling as a first stage, as previously mentioned in detail.  

Project implementation period:

It varies from one to two years, depending on the availability of the necessary funding for that.

Execution authority:

Nour Al-Sham Foundation.  

The expected results:

Around 200 displaced families obtain adequate, socially liveable and healthy housing so that the members of these families have a level of decent living and the ability to carry out their normal living and social activities. – In addition to housing orphans, widows, the elderly and sick people, and not leaving them alone in these difficult circumstances, contributing to the stability and prosperity of society in the long run,